Druk Horticulture Pvt. Ltd. is a private sector Company fully engaged in growth and development of Bhutanese Agriculture.The Goal of the Company is to fulfill the social and economic aspirations of Bhutanese farmers.

For achieving its goal, the Company provides support services to enhance farm labor productivity, return on investment, and effectively link Bhutanese farmers with market.

The Company see economic opportunity in creating jobs for youths in agriculture by making agriculture interesting, practical, productive, profitable, sustainable and environment friendly.

Profit is considered the measuring scale for the success of agriculture as growth and development of agriculture are not sustainable unless they are profitable and economically sustains the livelihood of the farmers.

Bhutanese agriculture engage over 60% of the population but it is still subsistence in nature.

Youth unemployment in the country is increasing which is further exacerbated by rural youth leaving their farms in search of better opportunity.

The Company is making investment to exploit the opportunity of transforming Bhutanese farming into enterprise that is profitable and sustainable.

For practicing profitable yet environment friendly farming, farmers should be using relevant technologies and production practices, and private sector needs to be engaged for delivery of technologies and inputs, and provide market support.

Engaging private sector for MSME in agriculture creates job for Bhutanese youths, and contribute to economic diversification and stability to Bhutanese economy.

Within the scope of above scenario, the Company does trading of whole range of relevant technologies and inputs a farmer would need.

The client farmers are provided with technical advice on technology, production practices, plant nutrition, soil health and organic techniques.

The Company is also engaged in production, practicing protected cultivation.  The Company has the technical expertise in providing hands on training on protected cultivation of vegetables to youths seeking employment in profitable modern farming.

The Company does consultancy in the areas of protected cultivation, micro-irrigation, organic production, climate change adaptation, water, and agricultural policy analysis.


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