Our forefathers followed a good culture of helping people in need, but due to modernization, …the culture is diminishing as people do not take the time to help each other nowadays. ……..it is important to re-establish the culture that our ancestors have been following.

Dasho Ugyen Tshechup Dorji
President, BCCI
(The Bhutanese. Fri, Dec 26th 2014)

The Horticulture Pvt. Ltd. imports, supplies and/ or sells entire range of relevant technologies and inputs a farmer would need.  Also included in the product range are the machinery, equipment and supplies needed for agro-based Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

It is believed that transforming subsistence Bhutanese farming into profitable yet sustainable livelihood would bring about prosperity to rural societies.

The Company guides farmers on using relevant technologies and inputs that guarantees sustainability with high productivity and profitability.

Market support is provided for the farmers who are associated with the Company in contract mode.

Bhutan has huge potential to export vegetables like tomato and similar others to Indian market during summer months.  During summer months, tomato crop needs protection from rain.  For this reason, the Company has embarked on promoting greenhouse cultivation, particularly the low cost poly-tunnel greenhouse.

The Company provides complete package of greenhouse including drip irrigation system integrated with fertigation, and hybrid seeds.  Along with hardware supplies, the Company provides technical advice on cultivation of concerned crops successfully.

The mandarin orange production of the country has knocked the rock bottom. To bring back the production of mandarin orange to its zenith, technology will have to be made available.  In this case, the Company presents itself as private sector partner in the endeavor of reviving mandarin orange production.

The problem with Bhutanese farming is low labor productivity.  This is real problem as why rural youths are leaving farms and youths in general are not taking up farming.

The only solution to enhance labor productivity is to make farming productive and profitable.  It will happen with infusing technology and knowledge, and linking farming with market.

To enhance labor productivity, the Company imports and supplies and/ or sells relevant small farm machinery and mechanical equipment to the farmers.

In agriculture, everything starts with seeds.  By simply growing good seeds farmers can sufficiently increase production and profit, which further increases with every set of improved practices.

Farmers should be growing good hybrid seeds of vegetables for higher production and profit.  Believing on this reality, the Company imports and sells hybrid seeds of vegetables.

The services of the Company are directly linked to the prosperity of the Bhutanese farmers.

The vision of the Company is to transform small and scattered Bhutanese farms characterized by low labor productivity and disconnection from market into an economically viable and environmentally sustainable profitable farming which provides self-employment option for youths.

Services Provided by Us

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